Here is what a few of Top-flight Physio clients have to say

"We can highly recommend Amy who treats our ponies and their jockey! Amy has always been professional, approachable and has a lovely manner with both horses and humans"

"Dolly is nice and relaxed after her first ever Physio session. She absolutely loved Amy and thoroughly enjoyed all of her treatment. Can't wait to feel the results!"

"Thank you for coming out to treat Smartie this morning, very professional and took time to explain what you were doing and why. Thomas was a little put out that he didn't get all of the attention, so it will be his turn next time!"

"Amy- thank you for sorting out both pony and jockey! You did a brilliant job making everyone feel at ease and telling us exactly where any weaknesses lay. Most interesting and we look forward to welcoming you back to the stud again"

"What a wonderful woman, or should I say wonder woman! Johnny didn't love today but I did! Fab job and I can't wait to ride my boy tomorrow all his tight bits gone"

"Than you Amy for doing such a fab job on Todd. One happy loose pony!"

"We can highly recommend Amy for your physio needs. Amy treats humans, dogs and horses. She is professional, compassionate and an all round lovely person-Merls loves his treatments and so does Soph although she has to put in a bit more effort with the exercises!"

Thanks to Amy from Top-flight Physio for Flashmans treatment! Brilliant service as always"

"I would highly recommend this lady. She is knowledgeable and she was fantastic with the horses. It was his first time and Amy was brilliant with him even with the rain and wind blowing like crazy she made him more comfortable and even offered personal advice from her own knowledge of horsemanship. I would not hesitate to have this lady at my yard again!"

"Amy treated my horse as a one off as my regular therapist was on holiday. Very informative and friendly. Even learnt a new stretch that will definitely benefit Pride. Will definitely use Amy again the next time she is in town."

"Amy was very professional, explained everything that she was doing and gave excellent advice. One happy horse after his physio. Very highly recommend Top-Flight Physio"

"Would completely recommend Top Flight Physio. Amy was not only very professional but approachable and made the whole process easy. Amy was fantastic with my mare and explained everything clearly. I am looking forward to riding mare now...and trying out my exercises!! Thanks Amy, a productive visit"

"After a period of lameness my horse was feeling very tight behind. Following treatment he is now back to 100% feeling much freer in his quarters and shoulders"