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Splinting and Orthotics

Top-flight Physio was lucky enough to attend a course last week with Diane Messum from Davies Veterinary Specialists, learning the skill of making custom made splints and orthoses for canines.

The use of splints and supports have been used in the human field for years, so it is nice to see them increase in popularity in the veterinary world.

Supports, splints and orthoses are used for joint protection, and depending on the condition, injury or operation, different methods and materials are used to help support the joint or immobilise it to aid in the healing process.

Examples of conditions they are used for;

- Tendinopathies

- Ligament strains

- Post surgery

- Support for long term joint conditions such as osteoarthritis

- Gait abnormalities

How do I know if my dog would benefit from a support, splint or orthoses?

Your vet or physiotherapist may encourage you to purchase a support, splint or orthoses for your canine. You can buy these online, however, these are not custom made for your dog, therefore, the fit and comfort cannot be guaranteed. Hence, a custom made splint or orthoses is recommended.

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